Wish You Had Taken that Photo?

It might not be too late, thanks to Google Street View.

There was a beautiful mural in North Hollywood near the back of 24 Hour Fitness.  I remember it featured a girl using a View-Master, which was near & dear at the time while I was working at Mattel.  As with many things, I told myself I would capture a photo of it, but never actually did.

Then sometime in later 2017 the building owner re-painted everything, and this mural was lost.  I thought I missed the opportunity, and the image would be relegated to a distant figment of memory.  But then I thought about how Google Street View is like a “visual backup” of what’s around us.

I went online and saw that alley had been archived in June 2017 and sure enough, I got to see this endearing mural again – permanently captured here to preserve both it and the story / life-hack.  (But please don’t depend on backups – moral of the story, of course, is to do something immediately when you decide it’s important, as we’re only lucky to get a second chance or extraneous “backup.”)


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