I Hate Roomba

I love tech.  I love robotics.  So you’d think I love Roomba.  Sadly, I hate him/her.


Roomba should be navigating cleanable areas in a thorough, methodological way.  Rather, my Roomba has been mysteriously programmed to find me and bother me.  Some diabolical engineer at iRobot, whom I don’t know but must be 2+ degrees connected to me on LinkedIn, is probably ROFL as you read this.  Look I have two active boys, I don’t need another whiny ankle-biter nagging me by my feet.

So I usually pick him/her up, back to the messy kitchen where he/she’s needed, and usually within minutes Roomba’s found me and bothering me again.  It’s unfortunately turned into a pathetic joke within my house.  It’s like Murphy’s Law meets Gremlins.

So I usually turn on Roomba after I leave the house, for reasons that are now obvious to you, the reader.  One day I had to run back into the house because I forgot something, and sure enough, Roomba was on the other side of my front door, bumping into it, NOT letting me in.  Note to self (and apologies to my neighbors): Yelling at Roomba doesn’t work.  Note to above-mentioned iRobot engineer: Please spec that feature v2.

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