“Alexa, stop letting my kids boss you around.”

“Alexa, stop!” “Alexa, play music.” “Alexa, do this.” “Alexa, do that.” I fear Alexa might be condoning bossiness and teaching my children it’s OK to bark orders.  Where’s the magic word?  Since late Aug 2017, when Amazon recognized that Alexa can be used by kids, would love to see the option to require the word Read more about “Alexa, stop letting my kids boss you around.”[…]


Nobody understands the difference between 1st and 2nd cousins – or once or twice removed.  I think it’s simple, actually, if you think about it as a ladder (above). Point 1) It all starts with a pair of siblings (at top) Point 2) It ladders down by generations.  Going across a rung in the ladder equates Read more about Cousins[…]

Daylight Savings

Every year Daylight Savings screws up millions of kids’ and families’ sleep schedules, all in the name of extending natural light for an outdated agrarian culture.  Aside from that, it screws up many peoples’ understandings of the difference between “standard time” (e.g., PST) and “daylight time” (e.g., PDT). Spring Ahead Generally over the summer This Read more about Daylight Savings[…]

Life Trick #17

  The red car and the yellow have arrived at their stop signs at the same time.  CA DMV says, “Yield to the car on the right.  The car on your left yields to you.” Easy trick: “The car on the right has the right of way.”